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Imagine, you are up and running with your digital solution within only three months, configured accordingly to your needs, including a proof of concept with your data. Sounds like a wild IT dream? It is a true story, based on a concept our SAP consulting service as well as our expert partners are more and more used to execute, with SAP Enterprise Product Development (EPD).


Recently, I had the opportunity to interview two of my very sympathetic and experienced consulting colleagues. Selma Benchikh-Kammach und Tolunay Mendil. Tolunay is for 4 years in the area of PLM consulting, Selma joined last year the team. Both have accompanied and led several SAP EPD implementations till today.


 After a short personal introduction, Tolunay starts to explain the implementation concept quick-start service. Generally, it is divided into three phases:

  1. Prepare & Explore
  2. Configuration & Tests
  3. Deploy

In total these phases are executed in 3-5months, whereas the close collaboration with customers and product development is of immanent importance.

Selma is then giving some insights into typical challenges and how to overcome these. Again, the quick-start service has a central role to meet these challenges accordingly, example given by the early need and task of setting clear project objectives in context of the individual IT-architecture and existing and expected data-flows within the digital landscape of the customer.


 Tolunay gives an example from a recent project in automotive industry what was needed and expected by the customer and what was essential for the success. Selma then elaborates on key to successes in projects and why the quick-start service helps significantly.

Last but not least we get to know what roles & competences are usually involved and required and why tests and training are also of psychological and social significance.


 As a closing question and cool-down we get some insights into their personal highlights of SAP EPD.

SAP EPD is based on state-of-the-art public cloud technology by SAP, and also comes with a very efficient and structured approach that promises a fast return on investment. You want to get more details on the quick-start approach and offering? Let us know!