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SAP Digital Manufacturing provides important feature which is tool management where we can schedule the tool, reserve the tool and tacking the usage of tool in efficient way to increase more productivity of resource and tool.

Here we are considering the Tool management in SAP DM and tool logging methods automatically and manually.

Tool Management in SAP DM

  • Create PRT material or equipment type tools in SAP DM using Manage Material App and Equipment App accordingly

  • Tool logging methods automatically and manually to tack the tool usage.

  • Validate the tool assignment

  • View tool logging and scheduling information

Create PRT Material in Manage Material app

Create material in SAP DM where material type is PRT

  1. Click on “Create” button

  2. Give the Material name and version

  3. Current Version is “YES”

  4. Material Type is PRT

Create Equipment in Equipment App

Create equipment in SAP DM

  1. Click “Create” button

  2. Give Equipment ID

  3. Select the Operator

  4. Select Phase

  5. Give the tool description

  6. Click on “Save” button

  7. Click on “Publish” button to publish the Equipment

Publish the Equipment

Once published the Equipment, status will be “Published”

Manage Tools app

In SAP Digital Manufacturing, we can create and maintain two types of tools: Equipment or Material.

You can create tools by following below steps:

  • Create locally in SAP DM or Synchronize a PRT Material or Equipment from ERP .Here we are considering the tool in SAP DM.

  • Choose the “Create” option in the Manage Tools app

  • Select the tool type and specify the referenced material or equipment

  • Generate Tool Number

  • Optionally, add a tool Description

  • Click “Create” to save the new tool

Create Tool as Equipment

You can create tools in two ways – Equipment and Material

Click on “Create” button

Select Tool type as Equipment, select the Equipment, give the description and click on Create button.

Once Tool is created as Equipment, status  will be Enabled

Create Tool as Material

Select Tool type as Material, select the Material, click on generate button to create tool number, give the description and click on Create button

Once tool is created as material , status will be Enabled.

Once tools are created in SAP DM ,you can provide the additional information like tool logging method as manual or automatic, serial number ,Vendor ,Vendor Model and tool usage.

Schedule Tools App

You can assign and unassigned the tools to the Resource or work center and you can check the tool report for tool or order. You can schedule the tool to the resource or work center  for a day or one or two weeks in advance for efficient utilization.


POD Plugins

Tool Loading: Load the tools using standard activity “Tool Loading”. Once tools are loaded ,status will be chanced from Enabled to Productive so that no any other resource can use these tools. Tool loading is possible if tool status is Enabled

Manage Tools App

Tool Validation: Validate the tools using Standard activity “Validation Tool”. If successfully done the PRT assignment and order schedule then aligned with PRT and aligned with scheduled will be YES otherwise it will be No

Once PRT assignment is completed, Aligned with PRT will be YES

Once assigned the order to the resource using Manage Tool Assignments app, Aligned with Scheduled will be “Yes”

PRT Assignments

Assign the Equipment and Material at operation of Router using Manage Routings/Recipes app. Once PRT assignment is completed, Aligned with PRT will be “Yes”


Aligned with Scheduled

Load the order to the resource using Manage Tool Assignments app. Once assign order to the resource, Aligned with Scheduled is Yes.

Select the tools to assign the order for the resource.

Once assigned the tools to the resource.

Tool Logging manually:

Log the tool manually using standard activity Tool Logging on WC POD .

Tool Usage Tracking

Track the Tool usage for efficient utilization. Also you can track that tool is logged for which resource , operation and SFC of production Order.

Reserved Tools

You can deallocate the tools from Dispatching and Monitorings 2.0 app.

Tool logging Automatically

You can provide the vendor number, Vendor Model, Serial number, Storage location from where tool is received and tool logging method is automatic, tool use count and time.

Tool Logging method is Automatic

Note: Though tool is loaded on the resource but we can’t see this tool on POD Plugin activity Tool Logging because this tool logging method is automatic.

 Design Production Process

Create one production process and using the “Log Tool Usage” service and pass the input parameters as SFC,resource ,operation and plant. Call this production Process using Workcerter POD as button activity.

Tool Usage Tracking:

Once call the production process automatically tool will log for the SFC ,resource and operation.

Product History

You can view the tool details using Product History App.


In conclusion, Tool management capability is playing as a critical role with seamless effort. Tool management offering below flexibility for achieving the more productivity of valuable resources and tools-

  1. Tool Scheduling

  2. Tool reservation

  3. Tool tacking

  4. Tool planning in efficient way

  5. Tool Maintenance and

  6. Tool Calibration

Hope it will help you to know about tool management and tool usage tacking.

Please let me know in the comments section what you think. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Or, if you have any questions,please share feedback or thoughts in a comment.


Sunita Sarkar
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