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Because of REACh and other regulation SAP is delivering since some time as part of SAP EHS Management the "Substance Volume Tracking" solution (e.g. refer to: Substance Volume Tracking - Product Safety (EHS-SAF) - SAP Library).

On regular basis discussion is coming up regarding EHS SVT and how to prepare set up and how to use it etc. Like solution SAP EHS BD and SAP EHS SAF the Substance Volume Tracking solution is delivered in such a way that you can configure the tool/solution according to your needs and adapt it if needed. Therefore it is designed in such a way that it is really very flexible. Be aware of the fact that some "Best Practise" approach is delivered which can help you in setting up EHS SVT. On the top: any EHS SVT installation is in most cases company specific. Therefore no general guideline is possible.

Some threads exists like e.g. "how to use this BADI" or "how to stop purchace process (Blocking). Something like this is >80% customer dependent.

Without any clue how in SAP ERP the "purchase, sales, delivery or production process" is desiged and used you are not in a good starting position to use EHS SVT. EHS SVT is the "most integrated" EHS solution (e.g. you can use on top a SVT/GTS integration if needed and applicable). Especially the "production" part is a "nightmare". It is not easy to explain later users why this or that specification was tracked in amount X (whatever X might be). This might be more important as well if you use "blocking of processes" on the top.

Be aware of this: There are some important OSS notes in SAP marketplace which explains which SAP ERP (and other) processes are not supported by SAP EHS SVT (and you must ! look for a customer solution).

To read these "OSS notes" is a must before you start a SVT project.

On the top:  it is a good idea to look for experts in SAP MM, SAP SD and SAP PP modules to help you during the set up of EHS SVT.

This is really mandatory as SVT is highly integrated in SAP MM, SAP SD and SAP PP processes.

On top: to handle SAP EHS demand you should have some kind of knowledge about the "business" reasons and the legal background.

If you have no clue about e.g.: bonded warehouse demands, the so called "OR" concept and the "three year average" than (which are relevant for REACh)  you are as well not in a good starting position.

KEEP IN MIND: Legislation is different. If you have found a solution for REACH there is no guarantee that you can use the same approach for US, CA, KR, TR and many other countries.

In these countries there are legal acts in place having some overlap with REACh but details are different.

E.g. there is an authority in place and you as acting chemical company must inform authority if you would like to "import, export or produce" a chemistry; the needs are as well "similar" as many of the countries use "threshold" limits (and amount of substance which you can e.g. import with out notification and if you go beyond this amount you must inform the authorization). SVT supports you here (and generally you need SAP EHS; as in most cases: the authority would like to get data from you (eco, tox, phys-chem. and other data) before you can go on to e.g. import this substance.

But there are as well some "export" related regulations in place which can be supported by implementing SAP EHS SVT (e.g. TSCA12b). 

Topic to list on the top

in some threads discussion happened like:

  • What is the purpose of the "Notification Check"?

  • Is there the need to have an integration in place for SAP ERP / SAP GTS?

  • How to "block"/"unblock" the logistic process using SAP EHS SVT?


These questions can only be partially handled in this FORUM as this is really "customer specific" set up.

Current references in this FORUM

E.g. refer to these general documents to get an some ideas on SVT or regulation topic:

Important OSS Notes for Substance Volume Tracking

SAP EHS Management for Beginners

Overview: SAP EHS Management in context of Enhancement Package / Support Package

New Best Practices for Chemicals Available

No Data no Market - The Impact of REACh and How to Comply

REACH Compliance - SAPPHIRE Showcase


REACh started 1. June 2007. Therefore it is now in place since a lot of years. 2018 the last registration phase has ended. Then REACh can be defined ow as "ongoing" practise having significance for any company which 

  • produces or imports specifications according to REACh

  • in such a way that this import/production is in "scope" of REACh (e.g. waste etc. is out of scope)

But clearly the solution can be used of in context of TSCA, CEPA and other similar regulations as well. Any of them require that the chemical company acting do have some registration topics to consider based on the amount of chemical substance imported etc. (and the use of the product as such is sometimes of interest as well)

 It is well known that many countries are in the process to implement a REACh similar kind of regulation; so there is in many cases the need to take care about changes in regulation; and sometimes (in most of the cases) EHS SVT is a good option to deal with the regulations.

 On the top significant changes need to be covered in safety data sheet in context of the REACh regulation and there is the need to handle "identified uses". And therefore as well SAP has prepared on top solutions like "SAP Product and REACH Compliance". On the top the property tree have been updated as well as rulesets which SAP is delivering.

The number of threads in this FORUM related EHS SVT might indicate that: 

  • companies do not use SAP EHS SVT (and use may be other solutions to take care REACh aspects) or if they have problems in the use of SAP EHS SVT they cover them by their own or by the help of SAP or other SAP partners

  • or do not have had issues in doing the set up nor the use of EHS SVT


Since the start of REACh SAP enhanced SVT a lot. On regular bases new OSS notes are delivered considering e.g. performance issues, internal optimizations and enlargements. So if possible use the most recent SP (Support Package) or if possible the most recent "Enhancement Package" framework to profit from the investment done by SAP.

As well there are now options available to integrate SAP ERP EHS SVT logic with SAP GTS logic. Before you start with EHS SVT installation/setup check SAP marketplace especially for "consulting" OSS notes. Especially these are very important to get an idea about "what is supported" and what not.

 As a starting point: read always ! the OSS note as shown here:

Substance volume tracking in SAP EH&S

This is really a "must to read" note.

On high level it is as well important to understand that you can use SAP EHS SVT to check volumes of specifications you need to control (what about the amount in which they are imported/exported etc.) but you can use the solution as well for regulation there you need only "control" something but there is no need to know the amount of chemistry imported/exported etc.

As the set up of this tool is quite flexible and because of the fact that you can use Business Extensions (as part of the Enhancement Functions) it is nearly not possible to give specific guidance for projects in this area. 

On high level these topics need to be addressed etc. in any case:

  • which data model you would like to use to maintain the data in EHS-BD?

  • How to "activate" the materials to be tracked in SAP MM?

  • How to identify the relevant logistic documents to be considered in SAP ERP?

  • Check if e.g. you need the "bonded warehouse" solution as part of EHS SVT

  • Check if you need or would like to use the "polymer" option and how to use it

  • Check if you need the "three year average" solution

  • Check if you can gain profit using the "only representative" solution

  • Check if there is the need to pass on notification to SAP users if threshold limits are exceeded

  • Check if there is the need to "block" subsequent functions as part of SAP ERP process

  • Check if you need to implement the online check option of SAP EHS SVT

  • etc.

Based on experience such EHS SVT project need time if you start from scratch etc. as you need to identify a lot of answers to a lot of questions. Further on the demands of REACh regulation are different in comparison with TSCA or CEPA etc. and therefore any EHS SVT set up is quite specific.

Based on the scenarios you use or would like to use a lot of options are there. E.g. you can use SAP ERP with SAP EHS Management and SVT alone or in combination with SAP GTS. In most cases you can use SAP EHS SVT alone to support the REACh, TSCA, CEPA etc. needs and in most cases you do not need to use the delivered BADIs but you can use the "basic" set up. As mentioned above SAP has improved SAP EHS SVT a lot and you will find additional SAP reports which can help you to explain why this or what specification has been tracked. Some threads below does have reference to use EHS SVT for VOC topic (Volatile Organic Compound); generally EHS SVT can be used to "track" specifications which are regulated. That does mean that by using EHS SVT you can get later answers like:

  • in which company is the specification produced, sold, imported or exported

  • in which plant is the specification produced, sold, imported or exported

  • in which scenario is the specification coming up (e.g. production, import, export etc.)

  • etc.

 To a certain extent you can "reuse" this information e.g in context SAP EHS IHS etc. On the top you get an overview about the materials giving rise to the "tracking".

 Some hints of that what is "out of scope" or "hard to code" in SVT:

  • e.g. some regulations have special rules based on what is called "applications" (use it as a chemical, fungicide etc.)

  • one chemistry can have more than one "use" (from legal point of view)

  • the "re import" topic is as well a challenge with SAP EHS SVT

  • There are some OSS notes in which the limitations of SVT are collected. Please check SAP marketplace to find them


As mentioned: "No data. No market" is the REACh rule. This is true for EHS SVT topic as well. If you don't maintain the data properly SAP EHS SVT will provide you "useless" results (e.g. you need to have compositions in place) you must "activate" the material as SVT relevant if needed (or you need to "include" simpliy the material type as SVT relevant; don't forget that !). The most complex topic in using EHS SVT is related to the "production" scenario. This is one of the biggest challenges for many companies.

As with most of other SAP solutions you should start "simple" and then ad complexity to your solution. There is a clear learning curve to expect (especially if you block logistic documents in the SAP ERP process).

What is important to discuss before you start a project

Clarify the "master data process" e.g. which material need to be considered, which composition to use, which property to use for "volume limits" etc.

Is there the need to use the "material class" to define which materials are in scope of SVT?

How should tracking run? (do you need the process "Purchase" only or on top "purchase Requistion")

Is the there need to "block/unblock" the logistic processes?

and many other questions. 


I assume you know that "BREXIT" is now clarified. That means: starting 01.01.2021 GB is not part any more of the "REACh" regulation stuff.

Very special legal demands need to be considered starting 2021 for GB. If you (as a company) would like to support the new situation: check what need to be changed as now "GB" is not part any more of the REACh region. On top: you can assume that you will need a "SVT" for GB.

So act now and do not wait.

Topics linked to SVT

Somtimes the "online checks" in SVT are asked for and the so called "NOTICHECK". Both are NOT the same. Here some links as reference.



Online Check


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