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Normally any manufacturing / Process industry will have EHS / QHSE / SUSTAINABILITY department for the following reasons,

  • To comply with statutory regulations (Regional / National / International) :lol: :lol: :wink:
  • To protect their workforce from risks associated with the activities they perform in the industry or with the product. 
  • To protect the Environment. :twisted:
  • To intimate customers about the health / environmental risks associated with their product. ℹ 
  • To avoid cost incurred in the material / man - hour loss due to accidents/ incidents involved in the industry. :shock:
  • To promote good work culture, provide good work environment to the workers, minimize the environmental impact, thereby increase their company’s profitability, and establish their reputation. :neutral:

SAP is providing solution for all of these (isn’t it...?) !

But if you (happens for the new comer to SAP EHS sector) simply go by the term SAP EHS Management or SAP EHS as part of ERP (EHS Classic), you won’t find solutions for all of a company’s EHS / QHSE / SUSTAINABILITY department needs !

Therefore, it is better to have an overview of SAP’s solutions needed to address a company’s EHS / QHSE / SUSTAINABILITY department.

SAP EHS Management-

SAP EHS Management: Environmental Compliance.

SAP EHS Management: Health and Safety.

SAP EHS Management: Product Safety.

SAP EHS Management Component Extension.

SAP Product Stewardship Network.

SAP Product and REACH Compliance.

SAP Energy and Environmental Resource Management (SAP EERM).

SAP Energy and Environmental Intelligence 1.0 (powered by HANA).

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).

SAP EHS Regulatory Content.

EHS Regulatory Documentation.

SAP EHS Safety Issue Mobile App.

SAP Quality Management.

Search the web for the above solutions to have an idea about SAP’s solutions for a company’s EHS / QHSE / SUSTANIBABILITY department’s need! (Avoided posting SAP’s brief account on each solution to comply with revised RoE)


Subash Sankar

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