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Manufacturing Cycle (MTS / MTO) using Fiori

Dear All

After the release of SAP S/4 HANA, the Usage of Fiori Application is becoming mandatory day by day and with every New Release of HANA it's becoming more and more


So many of us are not aware of how to Use those Fiori Apps in our Manufacturing Cycles like MTS / MTO.

For each and every Transaction is having a Significant App in Fiori.


Let's Get into the process and explore some of the important Apps to use in our day to day projects.


Before jumping in to process below are the Apps required to perform

List of Apps Need to be Added in Business group / Access to the user-id

  1. Display Multilevel BOM

  2. Manage PIR’s

  3. Monitor Stock Requirement List

  4. Schedule MRP Run

  5. Monitor Material Coverage

  6. Manage Production Order

  7. Post-Goods Movement

  8. Confirm production order operation

  9. Post-Goods Receipt for Production Order

  10. Stock (Single Material)


  1. Go to Manage PIR’s App and give Material for which you need to maintain requirements

Once you maintained requirements in the right-side bottom you can see “SAVE DRAFT & “RELEASE PIR’S” Click them


  1. Now Open Stock Requirement List App to check the Requirement update

We can see requirement updated.

  1. Now Open Schedule MRP Run App to Schedule MRP

Click on Add button

In Job, Name give the Description for easy identification purpose

In scheduling option select start immediately option

Give the FG Material number for which you need to run MRP

Select BOM Components As well.

Remaining fields remain the same as Classic MRP Run

Once all parameters are filled Click on Check and Schedule

Now we can see Job-status is In Progress

Refresh the Page after 2-5 Sec, Now Job Status is Finished.


  1. Now open Monitor Material Coverage App.

Give the Material Number for which you scheduled MRP Run

Select the material and Click on Manage Material in the Right bottom as shown above

Planned order is generated.

Note:- now we can Convert Planned Order to Production order in 2 ways


Option 1: -  

Click on Planned order pop will open inside popup there is an option change order

Select Change Order another popup will be opened hear we can select convert to Production / Process order based on requirement and click ok Production order will be created.

Option 2:-

In the Right bottom there are options Open and select on it and then select Stock Requirement List as shown below

And it will take you to same like MD04 Screen which you people this option

  1. Now open Manage Production order App

Our Production Order is in Created Status

Select Order and Click on Release

Once all the required materials are in stock then only system will allow releasing of Production Order, so make sure all the ROH / Required are in stock

  1. Now open the Post Goods Movement App.

Its Same App like MIGO T.code

Note:- In HANA from 1511 Release onwards all MB** Transactions are obsoleted so MIGO Transaction replaces all those MB**

Select Goods Issue to Order and give our Production order number

Select items and click on Post as Shown Above


  1. Now Open Confirm Production Order Operation App

It's Same As CO11N

Save button will be in Right Bottom Side.

Once all the operations are confirmed

Open Manage Production order App to see the status of the Order we can see it's confirmed



  1. Now Open Post Goods Receipt for Production Order App

Give our Production order number and hit enter

Select Line Item and click on post

Once all went successfully the FG Material has been posted into Stock


Open Manage Production order App and see the status of our order it's Delivered.

  1. Now Open Stock App

Give our FG Material for which we have completed Production cycle

We can see the quantity of 12 has been posted into Quality Stock because QM 04 Inspection is Activated.


In this way, We can use Fiori Apps for completing MTS / MTO Cycle in Fiori, and also we can recommend to Business Users or Key Users to Use Fiori Apps and Make life simple and Better.

Already SAP has Release more than 200+ Apps in Manufacturing Area so lets Use Fiori and Make Life Easy