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Currently we can see some EHS-DG questions running here. May be it is the time to check the "DG" integration in the SAP processes.

Starting position:

We have these processes in the game:

  • Create Sales Order

  • Create Delivery

  • Create Transport

Regarding details.
refer to these chapters in Online Help:

But because of the fact that SAP has enlarged their portfolio: we have to check as well SAP TM.

Here we have as well a "Dangerous Goods Integration".

May be check as well:


So as clearly explained in online help: we can seperate three main process:

  • maintain data

  • Use the date in the process (Check part)

  • Print the data in the process (e.g. print DG data in delivery note)

If you do a survey and analyse e.g. the content of the links (below) then we can define that these topics are mainly of interest (and so may be SAP online help is not good enough):

  • How to maintain the data?

  • How to set up the "Checks" in SAP SD process?

  • Integration topics (like: how is DG integrated to Sales Process, Delivery, Shipment, TM process or e.g. purchasing process)?

  • How to print DG data on documents? (e.g. delivery note etc.)?

  • How to take care regarding exemptions (LQ etc.)?

  • How to support "multi componet sets"?

List of discussion regarding "Dangerous Goods" topics

Please check this very niece/good blog as well:

The links are not "sorted"; and it is possible to have duplicates: There are only "examples" of the many discussions runnning here.

Type of discussion Link Remark
Master Data
Process Integration