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Conditional output using WWI

In my property tree I have created a New Value assignment as Density (As class ) and Value( As Characteristic wherein i can in put numeric values)

Step : 2 : I have created a report symbol for that.

Step : 3 : I added the report symbol on the template and checked whether it is fetching me the data or not I was good in fetching the data.

Step : 4 : Now I want to add a condition to my characteristic value like if my value in the property tree is greater than or equal to the comparison value out put the data.

I have added condition successfully but it is not fetching the data but if i remove the condition i am getting the output.

Below is the syntax which I have given on the template.

<15BIF014(OR:01G1013005VA GE 20)>





Here is what You should do....

The solution:

The standard characteristic SAP_EHS_1013_005_VALUE has an option "Interval values allowed" which means it contains a range not permitted in the WWI report output and leads to error.


To do this, I created a new characteristic D value  with NO INTERVAL VALUES assigned to the standard class Density SAP_EHS_1013_005 .


In IMG activity, Setup Table based value assignment,  under setup  value for table assignments, enter the VAT ZSAP_EHS_1013_005 VALUE  with Real Sub as spec type and save.


Did execute CGCZ to match up assignments and create symbols.

Also maintain the value in Spfn under value assignment type: DValue as 20g/cm3


In the template, first maintained the rep group and the value. Around this , maintain the condition.

such as value>1 using CONDITION OUTPUT.

Check and Save it.

Please find the pics shown.

Maintain your characteristics to the standard Value assignment.



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