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This document showcases how to use inspection lot result recording in SAP Digital Manufacturing for execution.

In this blog post, I would like to share detailed information on how to create order with inspection lot, result recording in SAP DM and check results in ECC.


  1. Create Production Order using CO01.

  2. Create Inspection Lot by selecting Functions -> Inspection lot ->Create. Inspection lot assigned to first operation for the sample material.

  3. Release order in ECC. Order will be transferred and available in Manage Order application of SAP DM with Inspection lot number. Release the order in SAP DM.

  4. Configure a Work Center based POD (Production Operator Dashboard) and add Quality Inspection Characteristic List plugin, which will display Inspection lot transferred from ECC.

  5. Add Quality Inspection Page to POD and link to Quality Inspection Characteristic List plugin using Plugin Properties.

  6. Click on the Test Inspection row of Quality Inspection Characteristic List plugin to navigate to Quality Inspection page. The result range captured from ECC will be displayed on top. Enter actual value in Measured Result column. Based on result entered and value range, Valuation Result will be calculated. You can provide comments(if any) and/or attach file for evidence.

  7. On completion of the (first) operation in SAP DM, Inspection result will be send to ECC. Use tcode QA32 in ECC. Provide Plant & Material, click on execute.

  8. Inspection Lot created in SAP DM was '020000143764', hence select that row in table and click on Result button.

  9. We collected result on first operation, hence select it from table.

  10. The result which we have captured in SAP DM POD will be available in ECC.


In this blog post, you learned how to leverage SAP Digital Manufacturing (DM) Inspection lot result recording functionality and check captured result in ECC. Do you like this post?

Please let me know in the comments section what you think. Any feedback is highly appreciated.



Swanand Joshi
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