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With standard SAP, specification can be searched for only
one material. Using this document, specifications can be searched for
multiple materials.

Create FM ZEHS_OCC_SUB_FIND_BY_MAT_PARA with code in attached
the FM_PARA. This FM will be called to enter different materials(Selection )

Create FM ZEHS_OCC_SUB_FIND_BY_MAT with code in attached the
FM document. This FM to get materials for the selection

Create FM ZEHS_OCC_SUB_FIND_BY_MAT_CMD with code in attached
the FM_CMD. This FM to display the search results

EHS->Basic data->Basic settings->user exits->create below entry

After above steps, CG02 shows with above extended functionality

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Dear Rambabu

this functionality is now part of Standard EHS. You need to apply a number of OSS notes. After implementing the OSS notes you can now search for more than one material number or for more than one specification number. In any case: the solution which you presented is one option and is the recommended approach to add further search functionalities. Thank you for highlighting this important feature in EHS. :smile:


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Thank you for your suggestion.

Using this we can include any search like searching specifications for multiple CAS number, or with any identifiers like.

I have taken example material.

Thank you