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Dear Experts,

As per one of the requirement, the client wants to download the MSDS to local system and the manually distribute the same vai e-mail to end user.

Can you please advise me, how we can perform the bulk download of MSDS ( Released Reports)



Dear Amol

a.) in cg50/cg54 normally you will see the "raw" report

b.) after selection of material number and sales organization you can generate the final report (normally only one by one)

c.) one approach to fulfill (may be) your requirement ist starting in cg54. Here the user can prepare a "report shipping request" based on hit list to start a MSDS shipment via e.g. eMail to a "recipient" which can be a user (but need not to be) in SAP; the pro of this solution is. The user is informed (if request is placed correct) if there is a new raw report if subsequent shipment is selected by the user

Normally with the raw report you are not really taking into account the business need; a further pro of the solution as proposed is, that the user can prepare as many requests as needed (per material and sales organization etc.).

Now question could come up: why should the user not direct send (distribute) the MSDS to the "end user" => SAP EH&S will support this process as well (the end user is here no "customer" (business partner" but could be a "sales person" etc. depending on your needs

The download is done "indirect" as the reports will come to the "end user" via eMail (if set up is done like that)


and this:


as well as:

A further option is to use an user exit in cg54 so that the "final report" is not distrubed via eMail but generated on WWI server direct and downloaded direct to client (but you need to prepare an user exit and you are "reprogramming" MSDS distribution process)

It is possible in both processes to generate the MSDS either as MSDS; PDF etc. document type (matter of set up).

PLease perform an inquiry in this FORUM. You will find a number of "similar" demands regarding this or similar topics

With best regards


Dear Christoph,

Thanks a lot for such a detailed elaboration.

I will definitely go through each of them....

Despite of the fact that, SAP Eh&S solution can do the distribution task, it seems client wants to have the MSDS in local drive as well.

So in order to cater this requirement, you have recommended the "User Exit" option for the same. is that correct?

any other simple method do you suggest?

Thanking You !

Dear Amol


"So in order to cater this requirement, you have recommended the "User Exit" option for the same. is that correct?

any other simple method do you suggest?"

only some ideas:

a.) if you use cg54 and prepare a "hitlist" (by whatever criteria) the user will specify /select normally

1.) which REAL_SUB is of interest

2.) which material on the level of REAL_SUB is of interest

3.) which sales org should be used

4.) and the user selects report (combination of generation vairant/language; (e.g. MSDS, US) status: Released)

In doing so the user can start the local WWI process so the MSDS is "presented" locally; depending on set up of WWI.ini the user can store this document direct on the local drive/client. But if the user is interested in a "number of MSDS" this approach might not be the "right" one. Here the userexit comes in "place". The user can select as before as many reports in cg54 which should be stored locally and then use the userexit. The user exit could pass on the requests to the generation servers; the final documents are generated, and now you have the options to store them on local client as "pdf" and not "doc"; therefore in the backgroud the documents are generated and then passed back via SAP and SAP Gui to the local client (user need only to specify the "folder" on local client to define there to store the documents).

This mechanism can be "extended" in such a way that any type of report can be pushed to local client (e.g. Inbound MSDS and not only such reports which are WWI oriented);

The "con" of this solution is: user must log on in SAP to get the reports; the "pro" might be: it is flexible; but as explained using the normal report distribution process on the top the user would get "updates" (con is: user will get in standard only update if a new major revision is generated).

Therefore the most simple solution would be:

if we talk only obout one report after the other (no mass) then think about WWI.INI adaption so that by using local Word the user can store the document; recommendation (please refer to other similar threads in this forum): the wwi.ini should be adapted in such a way that the "local" MSDS document can not be changed adapted any more;

In theory cou can try to adapt the local ww.ini in such a way that a pdf is generated direct; but here you need to invest time how to do that without interference to other local WWI processes.


PS: in the past there was a "TechniData" solution in place there you have the option to use a "portal" which is "cg54" oriented; this was an "add on"; the user need not to log on SAP gui but uses a "Portal" to search for documents etc. I believe this solution is not supported any more but I am not sure (generally: there are some SOA Aspects in EH&S

Take a look may be here:

You will find many "similar" threads in this Forum regarding your topic

Dear Christoph,

Thanks for the detailed  information again.

I understand that, WWI.INI method is only use for Single Download purpose and not for Bulk Download method.

1) Bulk Download: User Exit is seems to be best method. Can you please help me to understand this option in more detailed manner please...

I have gone through the config of 'Customer Exits for Report Shipping' below are the sub nodes beneath it.. Shall I use 'Develop Enhancement to Check MSDS Shipping' ?

Can you please help me to mention the logic in the user exit. At which moment this user exit to be called? etc...

2) Single Download: As stated WWI.INI is the recommended method for the same. Can you please elaborate this method. I did analysed the WWI.INI file of my system but didn't find which part to be changed for the same.

I do have attached the same WWI.INI with this thread as well for reference.

3) Does getting the PDF as output format, need to have 'Adobe Distiller' installed on WWI Server?

Kindly Advise.
Thanking You

Amol Joshi

Dear Amol


sorry. My explanation was "bad". You need/should check:

IMG activity Manage User Exits.

Here you will find "userexit type groups". Regarding CG50/Cg54 there is a "special" user exit category.

You can use these exists:

C1G20001 EHS: Menu exit 1: Report management

C1G20002 EHS: Menu exit 2: Report management

C1G20003 EHS: Menu exit 1 report information system

C1G20004 EHS: Menu exit 2 report information system

with your own coding and by using IMG activity "MAnage user exits". PLease refer to:

You are referring to the exits of "report shipment". This is a "different story". Here you can do something as well (as explained) so that the user will get "pdfs" "downloaded"

2.) WWI.INI: in SPRO you will find an own chapter regarding the WWI "userexit" story;

In your WWI.INI this is the chapter regarding pdf:


; Format=addin(.dot);macro(.main)


and this is the section regarding "other" exits:



Please read cross this WWI.INI chapter in SPRO; it is a starting point to adapt the ini File.

May be this links help:

But you should better try to find the original OSS note on marketplace (use WWI and cookbook as searchterm). Refer to this discussion (in which you participated):

3) Does getting the PDF as output format, need to have 'Adobe Distiller' installed on WWI Server?

If I remember correct: the answer is : yes. May be refer to this thread:


Dear Christoph,

Thanks a lot for the reply.

it was not at all 'bad' explanation infact it was too informative as well as elaborative...

I also did a search at my end and found below information

but now sure how to use this method?

how to use means? - Does it require any relevant configuration before we run this program.

As I Understand, we have to convey to system where the file need to be saved? in which format? etc...

so I feel, there must be some relevant config for this but not able to locate it...

yet I have not debugged the program RCVDCREO, but not sure what exactly logic SAP Implemented in this program...

Do you have any idea about this method?

Thanking You !



Dear Amol

same link as yours (only higher SAP version) :

I did not use the report in the past. Please check: (very helpful !)

Main information according to the links:

"Report export is a special variant of report shipping and is integrated in the Report Shippingsection in Customizing for Product Safety."

If I follow the "strategy" of this: we are talking about an ABAP report; therefore there is no transaction (in my opinion) to use the report direct and therefore this might not be the right approach for "end user" activities. Main disatvantages of this process on the top seems to be this sentence:

The file is stored on the application server in the format you defined in Customizing for Basic Data and Tools (see Customizing activity Report Export by Program: Check Additional Settings)."

Once again: no end user will have access to the application server.

As explained in one of the other threads which I have mentioned: this approach is quite helpful if the e.g. MSDS should be "transported" to a "portal" for access of customers of a chemcial company because a key file is created containing

○       Name of material (product name)

○       Company name (Union Carbide Corporation)

○       Company code for Chemtrek (UCCC)

○       MSDS date (mm/dd/yyyy)

○       MSDS number (substance ID without leading zeros)

○       Product number (material number without leading zeros)

This information can be used by "customers" on portal. I have not read through all of the links but there seems to be on the top a "customizing parameter" which need to be checked. By using this parameter you define the "sales organization" which should be used due to export. Therefore this seems to be a "fixed value" (not sure); normally the end user would like to have more flexibility. This functionality seems to be related to the "Dox X import/export" function in EH&S (old TechniData solution).

There is a subchapter in the link you find regarding "subsequent shipment" using the report. I am not sure if you will really get MSDS minor versions; normally the subsequent shipment in EH&S distribution process is only executed if a new major version is available

But I believe you should invest some time in analysing what is going on here.


PS: check may be as well:

Dear Christoph,

Aplogy for asking too many question...

As per my today's call with client, they have very specific, limited requirement

" They wanted to download all the MSDS to Local drive - but

They wanted to do this Activity ONE TIME ONLY, they do not want Subsequent Shipping MSDS, they do not want to download any further releases, moreover they are expecting the same in quick time say 1 week or so... so in one statement -  One time Activity to download existing released MSDS to Local drive... that's all...

For this one time requirement, they are not much willing to implement complete Report Shipping process..

still do you recommend to go all the way for Report Shipping -  Export Call or any other simple and quick method?

kindly Advise.

Thanking You !

Kindly advise

Dear Amol,

Check the table ESTDH, field DMSKEY. You can find all your report DMS keys.

Above DMSKEY represents the DOKAR & DOKNR in Table DRAW.

Standard BAPI's available in system....





try to play with the above FM's to download the DMS documents to your local drive.

for more detials....



Dear Amol

the proposal of Kamal is useful if the customer is satisfied to get the "raw report" and not the "final report" and clearly you need to prepare a "one and onyl" SAP report using the function modules mentioned. If the customer is interested to download the final report you need different solutions.

Here now you need to define the "real" business need.

a.) please describe/check if it is necessary to have the file downloaded with different "sales org" informations (normally by sales organization different "logos" are used and different emergency and contact adresses

b.) please describe/check if there is the need to have the "material name "in place (which is normally realized as paramater symbols).

Depending on the result of analysis and comparison with the business demand either you should go on using the proposal from Kamal or at least try to use one of the options mentioned by myself.

Now if we talk only about may be 1000 released reports and there is no need to take care about sales org or material name then you should use a "student" which will simply use cg54 to retrieve te reports locally (using the local WWI) (clearly if you have more report you need to use more "students" but you need not to prepare a "one and only" ABAP report

by the way. Thanks to Kamal for the suggested solution; might be helpful for further projects etc.


This document was generated from the following discussion: Bulk MSDS Download