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First things first, a little bit of background: I had for some long time ago a wish to organise the 1st Stammtisch in Paris, but doing the 1st step is no easy feat: There are a million questions to answer and countless details to work out.

As I am in contact with Damir Majer, my coach and SAP Champion based in Munich, I’ve asked him for some “secrets” about the how-to SAP Stammtich? His answer: “it’s simple : book a venue and make some noise in the social medias” Could it really be that easy? Seems like a generic ChatGPT answer 🤨. At that time I wasn’t convinced. For sure there are some contacts to have, some stuffs necessary to make it as a sucessfull event.

Few months later, when Damir came in Paris, I told him : “OK That is the right opportunity to have you onsite and organise the Stammtisch !!” the reply was more or less as you guessed : “yes it would be awesome, just book a venue and make some noise in the social medias”. So I just followed this 2 steps process, and you know what? It was a resounding success!

  • Bird #1 : Paris - october 2022 - 32 attendees. a record of attendees. 1st time ever in France 🥳

SAP Stammtisch ParisSAP Stammtisch Paris

After this 1st bite, like a addicted “Stammtisch” junky, the following month as I had a business trip in Mauritius (yes this place is not only beaches and honey moon landscapes, it’s a bunch of IT professionals as well), I’ve contacted my colleagues from Accenture Mauritius to experiment the same recipe and co-organising the event.

  • Bird #2 : Mauritius - November 2022 - 45 attendees. Another record. 1st time ever in Mauritius🌴

SAP Stammtisch MauritiusSAP Stammtisch Mauritius

As the attendees enthusiam was high, mine too ! A few months later, I made another business trip to Portugal. Let’s start by googling "SAP Stammtisch Lisbon" : 0 result, "Stammtisch Portugal" : 0 result. mmmmh yet another unconquered land, challenge accepted 👌! ⇒ 1. Pick up the phone to call a friend (this time a colleague from Axians DC portugal), 2. explain the recipe, and 3. co-organize it !

  • Bird #3 : Lisbon - March 2023- 35 attendees. 1st time ever in Portugal🎉

SAP Stammtisch LisbonSAP Stammtisch Lisbon

Well an awesome starting for these 3 new locations that join the SAP Stammtisch gang, getting together a lot of SAP enthusiats.

So what's the secret to organizing a Stammtisch? It's simple, really: just book a venue and make some noise in the social medias. After all, the sky is the limit when it comes to SAP enthusiasm 😉 

Thanks to @Former Member , @sveabecker, Vashish from Accenture Mauritius, José from Axians DC Portugal  and last but not least my mates from VINCI Energies for making this Stammtisch journey possible 🙌

Stay tuned in the Paris group for the next adventure – you never know where the SAP Stammtisch will pop up next !


Amazing to share these experiences with you @walid !

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

It's really wonderful to see how you drive community @walid . You are a role model. I hope this new Paris Group will support you on your "Stammtisch-journey" and I am very much looking forward to seeing more!

Enjoy your SAP Stammtisch Paris evening tonight!