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In the vibrant setting of the VINCI Energies offices in Saint-Denis, the very first "ABAP Code Retreat" takes place Wednesday, December 6. An immersive day in the world of ABAP that brings together 18 enthusiasts from different companies. 
While the CodeRetreat concept is not new, the ABAP flavored was conceived by the dynamic SAP Champions duo, @ceedee666 and @Former Member. And it is they who are intervening today at VINCI Energies. 



The day kicked off at a caffeine-powered 9 am rendezvous where everyone gets to know each other, followed by a remote address from Damir, hindered by huge exceptional snowfall in Munich ... , assisted by Christian who managed to navigate through the flakes. After an hour of theoretical introduction, the long-awaited moment arrives: Getting hands dirty from theory to practice on our computers !




The day is punctuated by 45-minutes sharp coding sessions, contested in pairs. The main objective is to master the Conway's "Game of Life." 




Victory is not measured by the completion of a concrete project but rather by how much fun we have with the approach. Clean Code, ABAP OO, TDD, ADT and associated discussions are at the heart of this quest, far more crucial than the complete resolution of tasks. A kind of comedy where laughter matters more than the fall! 😄🎭 


This working method aims to stimulate a quick and effective problem-solving, encouraging participants to prioritize a clean and logical approach to tasks. At the end of each session, pairs share their solutions and learnings in open feedback sessions, offering everyone the opportunity to present their vision and method. 


In the Code Retreat, participants team up in pairs, sharing a single computer in the dynamic dance of pair programming. This approach involves a rotation of the person in charge of coding every 10 minutes, comparable to the collaboration between a driver and a co-driver in rally races. This method promotes active and balanced participation from each member of the pair, providing everyone with the opportunity to contribute to the problem-solving process. 


To add a bit of challenge, the entire code is erased after each mini-session 😭, and pairs are mixed again. A clever trick to encourage sharing of previous learnings and turn each reset into an opportunity to learn more. 

The day concludes with a group photo, capturing the smiles and memories of this unique experience in the world of code. 📸🤗 


ABAP CodeRetreat is not just a marketing event but above all an entertaining and informative gathering orchestrated by ABAP enthusiasts for ABAP enthusiasts. Solutions were discussed, ideas were exchanged, and learning happened interactively. Developers were at the heart of the action, actively participating to make learning even more enriching. 

The feedbacks look promising and energizing : "Delighted with the knowledge gained! Each session was rich in teachings; The experience was captivating, especially the discovery of Eclipse and pair programming; Learning so much in one day exceeded my expectations; Thanks to everyone!; Meeting passionate individuals was fantastic; An unprecedented event in France, memorable; I look forward to the next one! 🚀💡👏" 

Thanks again @Former Member, @ceedee666 for running the event and our host VINCI Energies for this event that will remain in our minds.


Until the next Code Retreat (Who knows, in 2024 ?), happy coding, fellow ABAP enthusiasts! 🚀😄👾

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A very rewarding day. Thank you for this day!