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Send and Receive Kafka Messages - Quarkus

Build a java application with a REST interface. The incoming rest call is forwarded as Kafka message. A Kafka processor receives the incoming messages and answers with an outgoing message.

The use case is to meterreadings to a utilities company for billing electricity, a part of the Meter to Cash process known form SAP IS-U and Cloud for Utilities.

Please see the blog for installing the prerequisites: Setup KYMA, Kafka, Postgres, Redis


Code is available from Github Repository: Github

Run in Dev or Prod

Components of quarkus_kafka application



Postgres, DB entities

REST Interface and outgoing Kafka Message

Receveing the post and preparing outgoing Kafka Message (METERREADING_OUT).

@POST - POST a MeterReading MeterReading is a Hibernate Object, which is persisted. Message is mapped to MeterReadingEvent and forwarded as Kafka Message.

@GET - GET all readings in Database Returning all meterreading objects in the database.

Kafka Event

MeterReadingEvent for Kafka


  • Deserializer JSON -> Java ( )

Configure Incoming and Outgoing Message in

#outgoing message

#incoming message

Handling the Kafka Message

Handling the Kafka Message (METERREADING_IN), storing in Redis Cache.


    public Uni<Void> process(Message<MeterReadingEvent> meterreadingmessage)
        MeterReadingEvent meterreadingevent = meterreadingmessage.getPayload();

        Optional<IncomingKafkaRecordMetadata> incomingKafkaRecordMetadata = meterreadingmessage.getMetadata(IncomingKafkaRecordMetadata.class);

Testing REST and checking KAFKA messages

Test the REST using the http curls

After successfully transmitting a POST call, the KAFKA messages should be visible in the AKHQ interface, as described in the first blog.

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