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Tell us what guides you'd like to have GitHub enabled

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Whenever we introduce the Open Documentation Initiative to someone, we get very positive feedback. Some customers want to have this new feedback channel switched on for all documentation on SAP Help Portal.

Well, it's not that easy. First of all, there is no automated way to do that. Second, the approach is also new to our authors at SAP, so each new team needs to get familiar with the process. Last, but not least, the Open Documentation Initiative is targeted mainly at developers, because for many of them GitHub is a tool that they already use.

The bottom line is that we focus on documentation for services of the SAP Business Technology Platform. It seems best to have a look at services with many customers (so that many can profit from this new option), and completely new services (so that improvements can be made early).  

What guides would you like to see GitHub enabled? Although we cannot promise that it fits into our schedule, it's always helpful what users out there need, and maybe it will help us to make a decision when we need to prioritize things. 


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hey @je-hal i'm glad i logged back in to my sdn account to find your blogs. lately I'm focus on cloud integration (on foundry) and theres some tweaks to make there in help. about it... Here is the guide that I wish you enable in GitHub talks about creation of BTP destination type RFC we should update from "Enter the details for the parameters <Name><URL><User><Password>, and select <Type> as RFC" to "select <Type> as RFC and enter the details for the parameters <Name>, <User><Password>" (RFC destinations do not contain URL) 🙂

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Thank you @amontella96! I'm already in contact with the right colleagues to make this happen, and we're going to do it. The only question is when we can get started with the onboarding.
Cheers, Jens