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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Yes, the subject is correct. 😊
As open source fans you're aware of GitHub's feature to show the avatar of all users that contributed to a file. It's a nice way to acknowledge that multiple users worked on something together.


 You can also see on GitHub's user profile pages where users are active, and what contributions they made. It's a great way to find out what projects other users participate in, and for such users it's essential to build up a reputation. 

From the very beginning of the Open Documentation Initiative, it was obvious that the collaboration process must ensure that users who contributed to our documentation must appear in the contributors list. In addition to the badges we offer, the contributors list encourages people to leave traces by improving the documentation.

Since a few weeks, we also have a contributors list on


It's a 1:1 replication from with one exception: Our bot users that publishes the latest Markdown version to the public repository on is removed from the contributors list on 

Click on the avatar icons to get more information:


You can navigate from here to the contributors GitHub profile, and to more information about the initiative.

Only avatars of users that contributed to the documentation are shown, not of the technical writers at SAP who wrote it (unless they made suggestions through commits for a contribution).

Hope you like this new feature! Check out another example here.

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