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NSQ Stammtisch - Wed, April 12 | Come for the comradery and laughter!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi, Newtown Square peeps! 

WHAT: Our 2nd ever NSQ Stammtisch (casual meetup), 4:45PM

WHEN: Wed, April 12

WHERE: Firepoint Grill | 3739 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square

**Invite your local SAP-fan friends**

What's a Stammtisch?

It's a German word meaning a regulars' or locals' table (see  what is a stammtisch? for example). It can mean the table itself or more broadly the meetup event of a club or society.

What's an SAP Stammtisch?

SAP Stammtisch is just a regular meetup of the local SAP community.  The idea started in Germany, hence the German name, it has since spread around the world, with the first Newtown Square in February 2023.

Who can join?

Anyone can join! Normally people have at least some links with SAP.  They might be functional consultants, project managers, developers, architects, communicators, marketeers, support professionals.... or even just the friend or partner of one of these people. Anyone from out of town is most welcome too.  

What do y'all talk about?

Of course, there's normally some discussion of work-related topics, but work and SAP don't tend to dominate conversation. Sure, if there is a Tech Ed or Sapphire coming up (or just happened) then people will talk about that but normally the favorite topics will be the same as you would find when you meet up with your friends.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

This looks a little more like us than the banner photo, great meeting everyone tonight.



Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Wonderful to see you guys together! Would have been happy to join it - too bad that I am so far away! 😭
Congratulations on your second Stammtisch @StephanieMarley @jerryjanda ! Looks like you had great fun! 🎉

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Great time had by all!! Lots of laugh as to be expected!! @sveabecker you need to row a boat over 🚤

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