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Happy Holidays!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Season's greetings, NSQ friends!

I know I've been quiet -- this upcoming migration has been keeping me busy -- but I didn't want 2023 to come to a close without wishing you the happiest of holidays and the healthiest of new years!

I also wanted to give you an opportunity to share what you're doing during the holidays. Traveling? Settling in for a quiet week at home? Putting in long hours to wrap up that pressing year-end project?

I'll start. Yes, I am working, but I'm also spending the holidays with my mom in the Northeast Philly home where I grew up (and where she has lived for more than half a century).

Here's a taste of the holidays in my old hood:


How about you? Let me know what you're up to...and I hope once we settle into our new community home, we can plan another SAP Stammtisch for early 2024!


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Merry Christmas, Jerry!

Merry Christmas to you as well!

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