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First Stammtisch: Meetup and Networking - Where and When?

Active Contributor

Hello everyone,

To celebrate the launch of the new New York Community Group, it would be great to organize a Stammtisch.

Just a quick reminder: a Stammtisch is an informal group meeting held on a regular basis, often around a large, round table.

Who would like to participate? Please let us know your preferred date and location πŸ˜

I previously organized a Stammtisch in the park, and it was a wonderful experience. I suggest holding it either in Central Park or at Prospect Park until is summer time. What are your thoughts?

I'm excited to meet fellow technology enthusiasts and learn about new advancements!

See you soon! 


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

@smarchesini please keep me, @jerryjanda and @staceyfish posted in case we can ride up from NSQ on the train! Will be an awesome time for community members!

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I remember that !
Can not wait πŸ˜„


@former_member8777 , I've joined this group recently. Please include me in for future meetups. I'm excited to meet you all.

Also, let us plan some events around NY/NJ like SIT Events occurred at SIT Event at Brookfield, Wisconsin, so that we can talk, share technically too. just a suggestion. 



@rajeshazmeera and @smarchesini - this sounds great - hope some events will take off for you guys in NY and surrounds!!

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Sure Rajesh !
Thank you πŸ˜„


Hi! I'm currently an MBA Student at NYU Stern School of Business. These meetups sound great and if non-employees are welcome, I would love to join the next meetup! 

Hello Lady,
happy to hear you.
Would you want to meet before? πŸ™‚

It's a pleasure for me.