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-------This event is cancelled -------------------------------------------------

Are you passionate about SAP and keen on growing your network while learning from industry experts? We've got the perfect event for you. SAP Inside Track Chicago 2023 is here!

SAP Inside Track, an exciting event that emanates from the very heart of the SAP Community, is a golden opportunity to network, learn, share knowledge, and get recognized. This event is a free grassroots initiative run by the SAP Community, for the SAP Community.

What is SAP Inside Track?

SAP Inside Track is a community-driven event that allows you to network with SAP professionals, from Career Counselors, Developers, Consultants, and Architects, to Mentors & Champions. It's a platform for the SAP community to come together, share ideas, and gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in SAP technologies.

Why should you attend?

Networking Opportunities: Forge valuable connections with key figures in the SAP community.
Learning from the Best: Gain insights into SAP IT career path planning and learn about the latest SAP technologies directly from industry experts.
Recognition: Be acknowledged within the SAP Community and across social platforms (LinkedIn & Twitter) for your tech skills and expertise.
Polish Your Skills: Presenting a session or volunteering at SAP Inside Track can help you refine your presentation, communication, and leadership skills.

Event Details

Date: October 21St (Saturday), 2023
Location: SAP America, Inc. - Chicago, 111 N. Canal Street, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60606, USA.

How can you contribute?

You can actively shape the SAP Inside Track event by suggesting topics, speakers, and volunteers via our form.

To make this event successful and a recurring one, we need volunteers who are passionate about SAP. 

Sponsors, who would like to back this event, can get in touch by commenting on this blog or filling out the form (Will be shared soon). We are seeking sponsors for food, refreshments, and stationeries.

The detailed agenda will be published on or before October 15Th  2023. The event is set to kick off at 10 AM and run until 4 PM.

Stay tuned for a day of learning, networking, and collaboration at SAP Inside Track Chicago 2023! Mark your calendars and join us for this spectacular event. Looking forward to seeing you there!


has volunteered for the event for Sponsorship &  Speaker finalization committee.  You will hear more updates from him soon.
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