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Business Rules vs Decisions

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Hi Everyone

I wrote a blog recently showcasing and comparing the older Business Rules service versus the new Decisions functionality that is part of the SAP Build Process Automation service. Here it is here. Personally, Business Rules was one of my favourite services and I use it is in most solution architectures that I put forward when compiling SAP BTP cloud solutions to customers. It allows for the ultimate flexibility in applications by decoupling the business logic from the application code base. Decisions pretty much offers the same functionality but has a better User experience. 

Are you a user of Business Rules?
Have you started using the new Decisions functionality?

If so - please join in the conversation - would love to hear  your views and your experiences of using both services. 






I feel SAP should implement a way to maintain the rules outside the decision tables like from a Fiori tile .Thanks for the blog very useful with articulated limitaions!

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That is coming in the roadmap. There will be a tile called Decisions and users can directly maintain them there.