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Hello SAP Melbourne,

Welcome to SAP Yarning Circle Melbourne.

So happy that we now have an SAP community board where we can list, organise, and create our very own Melbourne events.

Excited that I have got this opportunity to write a blog about what we like to do as part of the “SAP Yarning circle”

SAP Yarning Circle is an attempt to Australianise SAP Stammtisch(blog) and make it a bit more personable for the localities of Melbourne. Secretly just between you and me did not want to get caught out pronouncing Stammtisch incorrectly.

So, what is a Yarning circle I hear you ask, it’s a place where we are encouraged to speak and share our knowledge and help each other in a collaborative way.

As the google bible says “Yarning is an informal conversation that is culturally friendly and recognised by Aboriginal people as meaning to talk about something, someone or provide and receive information. Yarning Circles are designed to allow all students to have their say in a safe space without judgement”



Let’s aim to have few more people than what we have in the photo 😊, for a yarning circle, we could have the yarning circle anywhere for example at our local watering hole or a restaurant or lets catchup for a community fun run or walk but the heart and motivation for all these events are to bring the SAP Melbourne community together.  

Looking forward to catching up with you all soon.

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