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Digital Innovation Hub Emsland

Experiment, test and develop and try out - At the Digital Innovation Hub Emsland in Lingen, there is space for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startup founders to develop digital innovations in a targeted manner. Users of the Innovation Hub can access current technologies and generate new perspectives and ideas together in the connected co-working space. A spacious open space allows SMEs to exchange ideas directly, creating room for collaboration on various future projects.

Three co-creation labs deliver a creative environment to transform initial ideas into real business models and develop new products. Numerous technologies that can be used to support the idea can be practically tested in the connected "Digi-Lab" of the Digital Innovation Hub Emsland. In this way, digital innovation "made in Emsland" can be developed using innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented/mixed reality.

For training formats or supra-regional digital collaborations with other companies or startup founders, the integrated "Webinar Studio" and the "Conference Lab" offer an optimal prerequisite.


CoCreation2 - DigiHub.jpegCoCreation3 - DigiHub.jpegCoCreation3a - DigiHub.jpegCoCreation1 - DigiHub.jpegCoWorking - Andock.JPGOpen Space - DigiHub.jpg

Webinarstudio2 - DigiHub.jpg

  DigiLab1 - 3D-Druck DigiHub.jpgDigiLab2 - 3D-Druck DigiHub.jpg

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