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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Luca loves a good challenge, whether it’s reaching the next level in his favourite video game, finishing a heavy book, or learning a new skill. “I try to challenge myself whenever possible, to try something new or do something in a different way,” the 30-year-old from Buenos Aires explains. “And sometimes I learn a little bit about myself. And that’s always a pleasure.” However, the circumstances in which he does this are not always the easiest: According to the national statistics authority, the inflation rate in Argentina rose to more than 200 percent last year. With gross domestic product fallen by 2.5 percent last year, and the peso fallen to a record low against the US dollar, the economic prospects in his home country of Argentina look bleak – once again in just a few years. 

Job market for SAP skills is growing 

Thankfully, Luca loves a good challenge. So, when he hit a roadblock with his first job in an office – he completed administrative tasks, “nothing a manager would do”, he says – he decided to do something about it. “There was not much space to grow, so I searched the internet for new job opportunities.” He wanted to combine both of his passions: Interacting with people and leveraging technology. And Human Resources could give him that.

Luca loves the interactive approach of SAP's learning journeys.Luca loves the interactive approach of SAP's learning journeys.“As I searched the web for new job opportunities, I found many positions required SAP skills. I did not know anything about SAP at that time, but realized the job market for SAP solutions is growing, so I searched the term online,” he explains. “I found a vast library of information, an online academy, fellow students asking questions, and teachers having fun teaching on many platforms. It was fascinating.” He wanted to become part of that world, part of that community. And he wanted to break into the world of SAP’s HXM. But how could he get started? 

SAP Certification as “a big plus” for his CV 

That’s when Luca came across the digital skills initiative, where SAP gives away 10,000 free certification vouchers and free online learning resources to help people upskill and pivot into tech jobs with an official and in-demand skill validation. He immediately got started. “The learning journeys on the SAP Learning site helped a great deal; their interactive approach is way more manageable and fun than just reading a document,” he says. He claimed his certification voucher shortly after, took the exam, and got his first SAP Certification as an SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HCM with ERP 6.0 EHP7. And that’s when his starting position suddenly improved. 

“Let me put it this way,” Luca explains, “from the moment I got my certification, I began to apply for relevant positions. I wanted to show that I had the skills they were looking for and if not, I had the capacity to learn them. Two months later I was hired for an entry-level position as a Trainee Functional Consultant.” Luca believes the certification was the most important factor and added a big plus to his CV. “SAP Certification makes a difference. Learning SAP skills and getting certified opens new doors for you.” And since he likes challenges, Luca has already identified his next goal, of course: Getting certified in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Core and Payroll.   

Start your own success story     

Did you feel inspired by Luca’s story? Then kick-start your own success story with SAP today. Benefit from tailored and self-paced learning opportunities that meet you when and where you learn best on SAP Learning site. Get certified to demonstrate your expertise and boost your career. We are looking forward to many more great success stories!