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Query Regarding Tomorrow's MCQ Test


1] Time of Examination 
2] Every member or only a representative of the team needs to give the exam



Yes please provide us with link to the Quiz for the round-1.

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Have yoy got the link? I am also finding the link? 


Has the quiz link is been distributed?



They might mail us and should update us,or else we have to keep things aside and wait for link to crop up in  mail or site.

It means the link distribution has not started yet nor any update is been given..


The time of exam is: 8-9 P.M

You will get an email by 1P.M with all the details.

Please join the whatsapp discussion group to stay updated.

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oh okay ,can you please provide or tell where I can get the whatsapp discussion group link?

Sorry i can't provide the link directly here as per rules.

But i can tell you the chat id - Le7CzfHThAAIfQvB6OAJQm

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ya thanx but using this id I am unable to open in whatsapp

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Check your private Message on SAP community 

We haven't received any WhatsApp Chat Group link. Could you please provide us with the link in the Private Chat Box? That would be of great help. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hint: The id together with some prefix constitutes the chat invitation link.

It's not possible to send link to almost everyone in chatbox, still i have sent to a few i found handy.

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I will try to send some any ask them to rellay it forward 

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Could you please DM me the group link.It would be a great help.

I haven't received the mail while my other group members received it. What to do now?

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I still haven't received any mail regarding the registration or the exam details. But 3 of my group members has already received it. What should I do or whom should I contact for this??