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The finance universal journal, so ACDOCA in S/4HANA covers data from all modules in FI & CO, so contains such dimensions like general ledger, profit center accounting, fixed asset accounting, material ledger etc. ACDOCA is one source of “finance single source of true” for actual data, but how universal ACDOCA is for you? Does it cover all that we need for example for the O2C reports? 

O2C is Order-to-cash, so it’s the entirety of a company's order processing flow. It begins the moment a customer places an order and ends with the closure of the order after the product has been delivered and paid. 

It means, O2C reports are related to sales, receivables, payables and revenue. 

The reports may be about are visuals of orders: 
- invoiced 
- closed not invoiced 
- booked not picked 
- picked not shipped 
- shipped not closed 
- entered not booked 

O2C Model usually consists of accounting tables, change tables and other tables such customer tables. In ECC there are tables: BKPF, BSEG, CDPOS, CDHDR, KNA1, VBFA, LIKP, VBAK, LIPS, VBRP and VBAP. 

Universal Journal ACDOCA in Simple Finance is a table that includes all line items of business transactions posted to FI & CO. ACDOCA includes all actual cost postings, both primary and secondary. 

The O2C process from the SAP document workflow perspective is as follows. Sales order document is in reference to the Outbound Delivery (Delivery Qty vs Picked Qty), and the Accounting Document is creating from it (the financial entry is a debit to cost of goods sold and a credit to the finished goods stock with the value of the cost). The next FI document is the Billing Document (a debit to the customer accounts receivables and a credit to the sales revenue domestic account with the value of the price). Our profit margin is the difference between the Amount form the Invoice (sales price multiple with posted qty) and our cost. Incoming Payment is the last Accounts Receivable document entry we need (a debit to the bank account and a credit to the customer account). 

There are many external analytics tools popular right now for data visualisation. Next to SAC we have standard Fiori reports, Analysis for Office, MS Power BI, Tableau Qlik Sence etc. We may divide reports onto 2 categories: Operational Reports and Strategic Reports. Operational Reports must be extracted from the central SAP system on the fly, so should utilize S/4 HANA embedded analytics. For other type of reports, that are not used by business daily, so the runtime of the reports are not so crucial, and it may be used a data warehouse system for source of data. 

In our case, ACDOCA is not enough, as in SAP exist tables that holds specific sales information that will be needed. O2C dashboards are not purely for financial details, so it’ll need to be mixed with other dimensions, like master data attributes, name of supplier, customer segments, selling markets, cost center hierarchy etc. For reporting purposes many of SAP content models having live data connections may be used. However, models provided for the finance business content are based on replicated data (import type models), not on live data connections. It seems we will need to leverage the SAP provided pre-build CDS views combining universal journal data with other dimensions. The data visualization will be in SAC, so one of the solutions that will be considered is a live data model creation (Calculation or CDS views), then exposing it on Analytics Cloud using live data connection.  

Do you have experience in creating O2C reports? What solution have you implemented? Or what's your idea for that? And finally, what are your business cases concerning ACDOCA?  

Ewelina Siudzińska 

Find me on LinkedIn:  Ewelina S. 

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Hi Ewelina, nice article.

We have recently developed and integrated ACDOCA with REFX to SAC. 

Could you share with me REFX in CO area?