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Hello SAP Community Hyderabad!

We are delighted to welcome you to the SAP Community group for Hyderabad!

This is the place to connect with SAP community members, experts, and enthusiasts to share ideas and perspectives and stay up to date on upcoming community events and meet-ups going to take place in the Hyderabad.

In the group, you can initiate or involve in the discussion on SAP topics or any general discussions with the group members.

Feel free to start discussions and make the SAP Community Hyderabad grow.

You may also join this group to stay updated on the group activities and encourage your peers too to join the same.  

Best Regards,

SAP Community Hyderabad. 


Hi How can I join this group?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate
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Hi @kswa25 on the group landing page, you will see a "Join" button - once you join the group, you will receive notifications when new content is published, local events are happening, and so on.

Need more help on getting started with groups? Read my welcome blog post.
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