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Where to find Product Related Answers for Work Zone

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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I am getting high level questions from customers for pilot project that I am implementing Work Zone for. They ask me high level questions and I am tasked with acquiring the correct information.

So I am not sure where to proceed, ticket-wise. I assume the component code would be LOD-SF-SWZ.

Any ideas of where I would seek assistance or advice?

Product Management Team?
I tried SAP for ME, Customer Interaction Center but all said it was out of their scope and not their responsibility.

The question (below) is regarding Work Zone Adv Ed and its release schedule
More high level questions may follow on so trying to also put a procedure in place.

Question: Is there any risk involved with upgrades and updates to Work Zone which occur bimonthly?
Seems like a simple question but I believe there next question is if they customize UI cards etc in Work Zone to suit there needs then will there be any revert or risk to customization with any new WZ release or maybe major BTP upgrade?

Appreciate any help with this!


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