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What's the best approach to purge inactive Employee data?

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We have had our EC module in place for some time and it's coming up to the time we need to think about purging inactive Employee data, however we're not sure the best practice for this.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice or help that we could use to decide the best cause of action for our business? Also, any references to blog or KBA's would be much appreciated.


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Hello Carrie,

We have complete information and recommendation as this use case at SAP Help Documentation.

Please have a look at Purge of Inactive Users and All Data

Also do consider exploring archiving options such as mentioned in the SAP KBA 2087337 - How to Create an Archive, Retrieve an Archive and Print Documents - BizX Platform

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I think you're looking more at the approach side than how do I purge (which I think Neeraj just shared).
The problem is that purging is rather subject to your GDPR regulations (so your Data Privacy Officer should be involved to see what is sensitive data and how long that can be stored) + align it with what the system can and cannot purge (as there are restrictions with regards to how often and what data). That is a bit of a time consuming exercise as you need someone to tell about the system and data to guide this person. Based on the outcomes of that discussion you could then set up the data retention rules.

From a technical standpoint there is nothing that forces you to purge (other than perhaps the candidates / applicants requesting this in the Recruitment module). Some standard things we do observe are i.e. keeping resumes for an application for up to 30 days, keeping PMGM data for 2 years and keeping core HR data for max 5 years and aligning that with quite some of the other modules (as purging in EC may start a chain of anonymisation), but in the end all those examples don't matter as from a GDPR point of view as an organisation you MUST justify what data, what time frames and for what reasons is to be purged (which differs per company/country and sometimes even on lower levels like states).

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Hello carrie.veitch,

Please refer below SAP Notes. Might it's helps to you.

2149889 - How to Purge Inactive Employee data from EC who have payroll information

2545988 - How To Purge or Delete Users In SuccessFactors

Confirm if these works for you.


Neeraj Jain