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User API ODATA replication from Success factors - Issue with select in ODATA resource path

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Hi experts,

I am trying to fetch user information updates from Success Factors (with delta sync option). When I enter the query as below:

User?$select=username,empId,title,nickname,location,lastName,status,jobCode,firstName,email,division,department,custom01,custom06,cellPhone,country,businessPhone,lastModified,manager/username,manager/empId&$expand=manager&$filter=lastModified gt datetime'${deltasync.maxDateFromLastRun}'

Only the active (field name is status) Users are returned by the query although my expectation is that all User records with status active and inactive which have changed since the last run, should be returned.

However, when I explicitly enter the status as active in the filter then User records with status active are returned. If I enter status as inactive in the filter then User records with status inactive are returned but not both.

In the select under the filter, status IN ('active','inactive') does not work neither status eq 'active' or status eq 'inactive' (this returns just user with status 'active')

I had to create a copy of the interface and run the interface separately for active and inactive users but looking for a solution.

Can you please suggest a solution to this issue.

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