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Update the existing Learning Program or create the new Learning Program

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I have an Onboarding program1 assigned to the new users.

The same Program1 requires a complete revamping in terms of content update, media and graphics and Program 1 name to be changed as well to Program 2

My question is - should I update the program 1 only and rename it program 2 OR should i create Program 2 from scratch? Any Limitations in SuccessFactors?

Any suggestions on how the user completion tracking will be? Can we archive Program 1 then what about the learning history of the users who have completed Program 1

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Hi Sewani

If it was me, I would start again with a new program. In terms of reporting you will then know who completed the content in Program1 and who completed the new content in Program2.

If running a completion report you could report on both programs at the same time so you know that everyone has to have a record for 1 or the other.