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There were 0 plan(s) created while launching the Variable Form

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hi team

There were 0 plan(s) created every time I am launching a variable pay template. we have checked the eligibility rules as well. it seems fine

Can you please check the reason behind

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi anupampandey0212

Variable Pay is much, much more complicated than Compensation (it doesn't work with the same logic for eligibility rules at all) so it's impossible to solve this issue quickly for you however here are some possible reasons for you to explore by yourself. I would recommend you focus on one manager at a time.

  • In Plan Setup > Employee History, are there at least one record within the program year for at least one of the employees reporting to the manager you are trying to create a worksheet for ?
  • If yes then you need to check whether that record is correctly tied to a Bonus Plan. There are standard reports you can use to find that out.

Finally check the few things you would also check for Compensation : which hierarchy are you using, if Compensation Manager and not supervisor, is it correctly populated in the UDF (remember, UDF is the source and not Job Relationship portlet in the sense that Comp/VarPay reads from the UDF so if there is a problem with the sync job EC--> UDF then that's the reason).

Due to the complexity of the module and the time it takes to build and troubleshoot Variable Pay we won't be able to help more on this issue, I would recommend getting help from an experienced Variable Pay consultant from your partner company if you are still stuck after a few days.

All the best