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SuccessFactors - Populate fields automatically on the position

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Dear Experts,

I would need support for the following case:
We have the following configuration in our system.

1. Cost Center is on the Position

2. Cost Center object has a field called Profit Center

3. Profit Center object has 3 attributes e.g. 1. Finance 2. EMEA 3. Austria

I need to build a business rule and assign to the position:
1. Cost Center is selected on the Position
2. The system checks in the background which Profit Center is on the Cost Center
3. The System fills out the three attributes on the position based on the Profit Center and the fields are not editable

Is it possible to set this up?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Mate, this will mostly be a propagate rule very similar to what you have for the job code/job classification field propagation on the position. Hope this helps.



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Hello Mate,

Hope you're safe and well!

Ideally, with the help of business rules it can be achieved. You will need to write the business rule using the Position as base object and assign it as On Change rule for the cost centre field.

Hope this answer's your query!