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Successfactors - Performance & Goals - Enforce start date

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Dear Experts,

At our company the "Enforce start date" is per default active for each performance form.

We have the problem, that if the "Enforce start date" checkbox is active, e-mail notification will be sent out for the forms even if:

- a form has already been deleted

- the employe is already terminated

- both scenarios in the same time

SAP says that it is expected behaviour and the workaround is to remove the "Enforce start date" checkbox manually for terminated employees.

Does anyone of you have a different idea / experience? We don´t want to believe that it´s OK for every companies globally if all the managers get notifications for deleted forms and terminated employees.

To deactivate the "Enforce start date" checkbox per default for all employees is no option for us.

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that sounds odd to me as well. I found this KBA that discusses an HRIS Sync to remove inactive employees' in-progress forms that seems promising because even if they are terminated, that form has been launched and is "in flight" until the flag in the kba (below) gets pushed and the hris sync runs. I would be curious to hear the outcome of this one. Hope it helps.