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SuccessFactor PMGM saving Score in decimals after calibration

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I hope this message finds you well. I have three inquiries related to PMGM that I hope you can assist with. We're facing challenges in its implementation at my organization, as our Partner Consultant hasn't provided a satisfactory solution.

  1. 1. Regarding calibration changes, is it possible to have decimal point scores? We've heard that this isn't achievable with normal scoring, and manual scoring must be used. If this is true, could you direct us to a guide or documentation for assistance? We've checked and learning hub but couldn't find relevant information.

  2. 2. Can scores be saved and retrieved at each appraisal step if there are more than three steps?

  3. 3. In a scenario where a first-line supervisor scores one subordinate 4.9 and another 4.2, but during higher management calibration, both are assigned a lower grade (a score of 3). According to our partner's understanding, this negates the initial score difference. Is there a way to automatically assign the highest score in a lower grade (e.g., 3.99) to the higher-rated employee and the other a lower score (e.g., 3.2) to maintain the intended score difference?

We've extensively searched for solutions, including KBAs and consultations with SAP partners, but haven't found a resolution. This is a significant roadblock in our PMGM module implementation. We urgently seek your guidance or assistance in connecting with the right person.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Best regards, Shahid Khan +92-3339008995

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