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Successfactor odata idp deprecate solution

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Hi, Everyone

I have known that Successfactor will deprecate OAuth IdP API /oauth/idp in 2025.

Deprecation of OAuth IdP API /oauth/idp | SAP Help Portal

I have developed some program which run on customer's local PC to get data from Successfactor.

Unfortunately, I used /oauth/idp to get SAML assertion.

Customer's PC username after some edit was transfered as parameter(user_id) to call /oauth/idp.

As far as i know,

no 3rd identity provider was involved or integrated with successfactor in my case.

SAP has provided sample tool to get SAML assertion.

If 1000 users exists, I must generate SAML assertion for 1000 times beforehand.

And sample tool is written by java which I can not put sample source to my project (not java) directly.

Is there any solution?

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