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Standard integration from 2 Clients in one SAP ECC system to 2 different CPI Tenatns

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Hi Guys,

We have two sister companies which have 2 different Successfactors systems and 2 different CPI tenants but only 1 ECC system with 1 client.

We want to extract Payroll and time off data from the ECC system for both companies and post it in their respective Successfactors systems via respective CPI.

We are aware that this is not possible from a single client in the ECC system. But we want to know, is creating a new client in the ECC system for the 2nd company enough or should we go with a whole new ECC system itself for the 2nd company. And if it is possible with just a new client under the same ECC system, we would need the specifics. Request your help on this as we are stuck here.

Thanks and regards.

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Which standard integration are you using?

In general I would say that using a new client should suffice!

Kind regards,


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Hi David,

We are mostly planning on using Payroll and time off replication packages.

Is there any documentation or anything for that? We would need the new client to connect to a totally different CPI tenant and Successfactors system.



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