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SF EC CORE to SAP Payroll

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Hi Experts,

In integrating SF EC CORE to SAP Payroll, there are some data that needs to be directly maintained via mashup screen because they are not part of the standard data replication from EC to Payroll. The customer's concern is that this is difficult and is double maintenance. For example, dependents and national IDs are already stored in EC via the portlets. Why do we need to maintain again for Malaysia and Indonesia via Mashup screen? The data in the portlets should be part of standard data replication. These are just few examples.

Looking forward to your response. Thank you.

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Hi Lyra, fully understand your question on national-id. Usually (for example for Germany) there are much more data that needs to be maintained for the kind of national-Id that is used. For example for Germany the national-ID is filled with the Social insurance number and all related data for Social insurance can't be maintained at this portlet. And this is correct, as the portlet has another purpose.

But depandants, there is a standard replication to Infotype 0021 in place. In which infotype would you like to replicate?

best regards