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SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite OData API:

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Hi to all.

When I get the user learning history by the request like the following:

GET /learning/odatav4/public/user/learningHistory/v1/learninghistorys?
$filter=criteria/maxNumberToRetrieve eq 10 and
criteria/includeDeepLink eq true

It works fine, and brings to me the list of learning items on history of user.

After this, I would like to get the details of these items, so I use the following request format for each item returned previously on user learning history:

GET /user/learningPlan/v1/LearningItemDetails?$filter=lisCriteria/itemID eq '1147305822'
and lisCriteria/itemTypeID eq 'COURSE'
and lisCriteria/revisionDate eq 1147304737000

But I'm getting the message:

"message": "ERROR:\n"

Why I'm gettring this error for learning item detail, if the item is present on user learning history? What I must do to fix it?

Thanks regards.

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Have you checked this with SAP Support? We had similar error with Odata API for Performance management after the Recent Release H2 2021 was updated. An incident was raised to SAP and they are going to provide a fix for the issue. Try connecting with them if not done yet.

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I found a SAP Note about this item <2383902 - OData API-LearningItemDetails "ERROR:" - SAP ONE Support L...>, but according to it the resolution is "Check that the user that was used to call the token with has access to the particular item that was called. Once the item is assigned, the call will be successful". I would like to know how I can assign a item to user. Do you know how I can do it?