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SAP Enable now licensing for embedded content

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Hi All,

We are exploring SAP Companion for following scenarios:

1: enhancing standard help content available in S4 HANA system.

2: Adding custom help content for custom fiori apps

I think here we need Extended Content scenario. Is extended content scenario applicable for

on-Prem Enable Now deployments only?

If we use cloud licensing, then there is no differentiation between producer and Manager licenses. Question here is,

If we create custom content or Enhance standard content using Enable now cloud license and publish it to SAP system, would the consumers need a valid Enable now license to see the embedded help content via SAP companion?

Thanks and Regards,


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Enhancing standard help content and adding custom help (only) are basically the same thing (technically, one is EXT mode, one is SEN mode, but licensing is the same). Yes, it is possible for cloud as well as on prem.

For on prem there are separate consumer and creator licenses (not Manager vs. Producer). For cloud there is just the one license type. Yes, anyone consuming your enhanced help content would need a license.