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SAP Enable Now - Impossibility to see the description of a course in learner view


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OK, so you can adjust it. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but if you have to...

The height of this is hardcoded somewhere internally to be 185px, but the element is an iFrame with a class of desc, and you can override this in collaborator.css by adding the code:

#LEARNER_view #LEARNER_view_lb2 .desc{height:350px !important;}

(Change the 350px to what you want the height to be - but it will always be fixed (not a percentage).) Caveats: (1) This is 100% unsupported and SAP probably don't want you doing it because it's very easy to permanently screw something up when you start messing with these files. (2) These changes stand a good chance of being overwritten every release. (3) If the above means nothing to you (or you can't find the file - and I've deliberately not said where it is...),

don't do it!
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Hi Enzo,

No, I think the frame in which the content Description is displayed is a fixed size. I don't suspect that the developers ever considered that so much information would be placed into the Description. Could you add the image on a Book Page at the beginning of the content?