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SAP Enable Now compatibility with non-sap platforms

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Is SAP Enable Now compatible with the following applications?

  1. Blackline
  2. Vendor Invoice Management (VIM)
  3. Plan Activity and Performance Management (PAPM)
  4. Controls
  5. GRC Access Control

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Answers (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


It depends on what you mean by compatible.  Can Enable Now be used to record Simulations for the systems, almost definitely yes.  Will SAP Companion run in any of those systems, it's possible but not certain. If any of the functionality listed below is developed using Fiori and deployed from a Fiori Launchpad or SAP Build Work Zone, it is likely that SAP Companion can be used with the functionality.  If the functionality is not developed in Fiori and not deployed from a Launchpad or Build Work Zone, then it is still possible that SAP Companion could be used with the systems but some level of technical integration work will definitely be required.