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Rewards and recognition

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Hello Team,

We are trying to use additional criteria on SPOT awards.
Do we have any restrictions in guidelines rows?

As per implementation guide, it is mentioned that maximum 300 lines are possible for a single combination.

e.g. if we want to use additional criteria as job code so we will be having total number of guideline rows around 1500 for different countries so does it mean that we can have 1500 lines or even more but the only restriction is that for one particular country the maximum limit should be 300.

Do you see any issue in the same


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Ravi,

I've not tested this volume but the way I read it would be 300 per combination of Country, Category, Level and Additional Criteria. So it's not a max of 300 for just the country but the combination of country plus the other fields so a single country could have more than 300 lines depending on the number of categories, levels, etc you have in your program.