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Report learning history CSV LMS

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Hello everyone. Good day. Currently the standard LMS Learning History CSV report only has 2 filters: User Date completed from: Date completed by: However, I am looking to customize through PRD and add a filter to the report called "Article". The objective is to be able to locate collaborators who have completed a course and for the report to return only that information instead of including the collaborator's entire course history. Could you please tell me if this is possible and if it meets the need I want to cover?

*The subqueries that the standard "User" filter has are not enough to cover my need. Stay tuned. Greetings.

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Hi @Ary_Campos2302 , If it can be done, you must have privileges to be able to upload a report. If you do not have the privileges or have questions, you can follow the following link:

To the new report you have to add the "ItemSearch" parameter from the plateau, it is also necessary to modify the query and add the following code:

/** and (e.cpnt_typ_id, e.cpnt_id, e.rev_dte) in [ItemSearch] */