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Refresh from PROD to PREVIEW will copy the LMS configuration?

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Dear colleagues,

We have a new client with the situation that LMS module is not configured on Preview instance, only on PROD, so they will request a full refresh from Production to Preview shortly, and I´m wondering, will the LMS module being copied on Preview and be fully functional after refresh?

I think so... but would like to check with you guys, for sure you came across this situation before and what the hot points are,

Thanks a lot! have a nice day,


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Answers (2)

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Thanks for your answer, thing is, I already checked those KBAs but it does not say anything about -not having LMS configured/installed on PREVIEW instance-.... all the KBA assumed LMS is already there...

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!!!

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H Rocio,

The instance refresh has many aspects to take into account. To begin with, refreshing the LMS and BizX are done in separate processes.

For your reference, take a look at this KBA: 2791468 - Instance Refresh Tool for BizX & LMS | Must-know guide & FAQ at