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Recruiting - Delete candidate trigger confirmation email to candidate

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Hi All,

We've recently had a request from a candidate to be removed from our system. Usually we ask them to log back in and delete their account themselves. But in this case, and under GDPR, we still have to able to perform the requests from our end as well via the "delete candidate" function (which funnily enough couldn't find the candidate I wanted to delete, will need to find the KBA to rectify this problem).

I deleted a different candidate from the system, but there was no information that it had been completed. Also, I logged in as a test candidate and deleted myself, and there was no confirmation email either.

Is the some kind of trigger event email that can be sent to the candidate confirming the deletion?

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Hi David,

You could added emails to the candidate under the DPSC statuses on the talent pipeline for all candidate's delete options, not sure if this is worth a try? (Not sure if this email would make it through before their email address was anonymised so would need to be tested to check)