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Recording Error in Citrix-based Applications

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Hello Community,

Our authors are currently experiencing recording errors for our Citrix-based applications.

Errors are:

1. SAP GUI Signature profile is not recognized. Producer auto-selects the "Standard" profile and if we switch it back to SAP GUI Signature, Producer will still revert to "Standard" profile. We tried to setup "Restrict to Profile" but still have the same issues.

2. Due to unrecognized SAP GUI Signature profile, the recording result is very poor especially for Simulations, Guided Tours and Context Helps.

Maybe, you have suggestions on how to record smoothly in Citrix-based applications.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Justin

This happens because objects are identified by the application code (in the case of SAP GUI, it's SAP scripting), while Citrix only passes images of the application to the author PC (and therefore Producer). The poor recognition would be the case for ALL applications that you try to record via Citrix. The solution would be to run Producer in the same Citrix session as your target application.

You can read more about the use of Enable Now in virtual environments in the guide here: SAP Enable Now

Warm regards