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Question about the possibility of renaming .senl files

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Hi all,

My Company uses SSO with SAML authentication.

Since I work in different workareas in SEN, I used to rename my downloaded ".senl" files for opening the Producer and used it as shortcuts in Windows: "name_of_workarea1.senl", "name_of_workarea2.senl" for instance.

Nevertheless, I have noticed recently that if I use modified names of senl files, I'm now asked each time my credentials.

I did a test by downloading a new senl file from the Manager for opening a Producer. If I let the original name "Producer.senl" unchanged and lauch this file, everything works fine, and I'm automatically log into SEN. But if I modify the name of this file, I'm asked again my credentials.

I didn’t face this behavior previously when renaming my senl files. Where does it come from?

Thank you for your help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You are not being asked for your credentials because you renamed these files - you are being asked for your credentials because your version of SAP Enable Now changed. The .senl file is for a specific version, and when SEN is upgraded, the version in your saved .senl no longer matches the version on the server. This will cause an error.

You should never save / re-use the .senl file - primarily for the above reason, but there are others. The .senl is downloaded (fresh) each time you launch Producer (and iPro / SC4D), and then deleted when it is run, so there should be no need to save it locally anyway. If you are just trying to 'streamline' your process, if SSO is enabled and you are on Cloud, you can just save a URL directly to your Producer in your Favorites, and then open that (to avoid having to start Manager first). Something like this should work: https://{client}{workarea}/.producer?download=1


Thanks for sharing this trick Dirk. I tested and its working fine. But one correction. The link will contain workarea ID instead of workarea. So the link should be https://{client}{workarea ID}/.producer?download=1

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Thank you for your explanation, Dirk, it's clearer for me now. I have also tested your trick with the comment of Mani, everything is working fine and this will be useful.

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