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Purge Master Data - Error

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Hello All,

I am having issues purging a duplicate employee (Fired and when rehired a new user-id was created by mistake) I am purging the newest userID. it is currently inactive in the system but I get the following error when creating a new purge request > DRTM Master Data.

I assumed it was due to time retention config but it is inactive Period: 1 month and exit date is 2 months ago. All other results from Purge Monitor show as PURGED.

Any advice?

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So this person is like rehired on the same ID? If so you first need to set the secondary assignment correctly in manage data before you can purge it. Otherwise on database level it doesn't know which one should be the main reference point.

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No, user has a different user ID. When rehired, a new user ID was created instead of reactivating old one. Currently rehired old inactive user ID and inactivated new one waiting to purge it.