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Publish Recurring pay components from Compensation to EC for Multiple countries

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Hi All,

One of my client have their entities in 75 countries. and each country has their own pay components. Is there any way i can publish the revised pay components back to EC from compensation

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Each 'salary' pay component should have the "Used for Comp Planning" flag set to either "Comp" or "Both":

Then, when creating the XML for publishing back, do no explicitly map a pay component like this: (assuming that the new salary is in a column with ID 'customNewBase'):

When you do not map a pay component ID in the publish, the system will publish to which ever pay component the employee has that has the "Used for Comp Planning" set.

Note: not all pay components used in a comp worksheet need the 'Used for Comp Planning' flag set. Only the 'salary' ones. EC will prevent an employee having more than one of these pay components. So if you have Salary, Bonus and Allowances, and all are on the comp worksheet, you need to make sure only the 'salary' one has that flag.