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Problems in the onboarding process. Is there any solution how to move the onboardee to Manage Pendin

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Hello community,

@Gopinath @smitajalit @piyushkumarag 

We are experiencing problems at various points in our onboarding process and are unable to move the process forward. We cannot complete tasks for the onboardee, even though we have the permissions. Restart does not work either. hese are just a few of the problems. We have not made any changes to the process.

Failed solutions:

A process update was unsuccessful.

The data mapping does not show any errors as well.

We have set the status for data collection under Manage Data to completed in the hope that the system will move the onboardee to Manage Pending hire, but again the process does not react.

The BPE user does not receive any error messages either.

We have already submitted an SAP ticket with high priority.  

Can we manually move/load the onboardees to Manage Pending hires in any way so that we transfer them to Employee Central before their start date. We would fill in the data here.

Have there been any updates/work in the background at SAP?

I appreciate any advice or possible solutions 

Best regards, Ali

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